CD: GILLA - I Like Some Cool Rock'n'Roll (Российский релиз)

CD Российского производства, заводское изготовление (литьё).

1.Go Down Mainstreet 4:06
2.Discothek 3:48
3.The Heat Is On 3:44
4.We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 4:40
5.Queen Of The Night 3:20
6.Cool Rock 'n' Roll 3:41
7.Take Your Time 3:40
8.Heartbreaker 3:41
9.Tom Cat 3:57
10.The Summerwind 3:51
11.Go Down Mainstreet (Long Version) 6:29
12.Discothek (Long Version) 6:23
13.We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Long Version) 5:24